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We are committed to providing high-quality health products to global consumers in order to achieve physical and mental health as well as a positive lifestyle. We firmly believe that personal health is one of the most important things in today’s fast-paced society. Therefore, we not only offer essential health supplements but also strive to innovate and develop efficient and safe products that meet diverse needs.


Our health products are made from natural ingredients, reducing reliance on chemicals. We are dedicated to exploring and utilizing the rich resources of nature, transforming them into nutritional and herbal products to ensure our consumers receive the purest, effective, and reliable health supplements.


Nature Aurora has its own professional team with extensive experience and expertise in the field of health products. We strictly control the entire production process of all our products, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing techniques, ensuring the quality and safety of each product.


We recognize the importance of environmental sustainability. Therefore, we adopt various environmentally friendly measures in our product design and production processes. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by using recyclable materials and promoting green packaging, aiming for sustainable development.



Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in numerous physiological functions within the human body. It is involved in over 300 enzyme systems, including those responsible for energy production, DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, muscle contraction, and nerve function.

Micronutrient magnesium supplementation can provide numerous benefits, including enhanced energy production, support for the nervous system, improved muscle function, promotion of heart health, and support for bone health.

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We will continue to strive to provide people with solutions that support a healthy lifestyle through innovation and scientific research. Choose VitalWellness, choose health, choose a vital wellness lifestyle.

Nutritional Supplements

Colostrum Powder,40% IgG

For Gut Health, Immune Support

Colostrum Powder Supplement

Grass-Fed, Non-GMO

Healthy Lifestyle

Seamlessly incorporate the power of the fresh delicious colostrum into your daily routine